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Green living is the way of the future and changing to electric car is one huge step in the right direction. Eliminate the need for costly and harmful fossil fuels and travel in sustainable style.

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The electric car industry is him to the world’s most sophisticated and innovative technologies. Discover self-driving technology, streamlining and automation features with Electric Cars Guide as we keep you updated on the latest in electric car market.

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As automotive companies continue to release exciting new features in their electric cars, the exclusivity of these sleek new machines get more intriguing. Electric cars aren’t only unique in looks and appearance, they’re unique in function, design and performance too.

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Electric Cars Guide is your go-to source of the latest specs and performance of competing electric car models. Read up on who’s the fastest, most efficient and smoothest model on the market.

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Check out our electric vehicle consumer reviews for first-hand experiences with the world’s most coveted cars.

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Read about how Elon Musk rose to power in the EV world, or who is the next underdog of the electric car scene in the Electric Car blog section.

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Early adopter? Keep your finger on the pulse with breaking news and updates on new releases and the latest electric car makes and models.


The electric car market may be just emerging in Australia, but as fuel prices rise and sustainability becomes a priority, a boom is just around the corner! Electric cars guide is Australia’s number one source for information on the emerging electric car market. Our purpose is to provide you with an extensive directory of the electric cars available on the Australian market, as well as reviews, ratings and blogs with all the latest in the electric car industry.

Our team of experts are here to help you make the most informed decision when buying an electric car. Powered by Switchee, Electric Cars Guide is backed by years of expertise in the sustainable technology industry. We have done the research for you so you can stay up to date! If you’re looking to for a sleek, speedy and sustainable upgrade to your current car – electric cars are the epitome of practical, ethical luxury.


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