Frequently Asked Questions

On average, electric cars are currently more expensive than petrol or diesel competitors. Cost of batteries and market supply are both contributors to these prices, meaning that as electric cars become more common, prices are already coming down. Prices range from around $20,000 to $90,000+.
The short answer is, they’re already here! There are, however, limited makes and models available on the market. Some of the electric vehicles currently on the market in Australia include the Nissan Leaf, Mistubishi MiEV as well as the hybrid Holden Volt. The BMW i3 is another that has recently hit the Australian market.
This depends on the make and model. The Tesla Model S, for example, has a driving range of 480kms on a single charge. This is quite high for an electric car, with the average driving range for one charge at around 160kms. It really depends on the electric car, as well as increasing efficiency for EVs.
Find out how many EV stations are near you by following this link.
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