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Electric Vehicles are the Future for Energy and Storage Markets

Solar powered-vehicles need recharging, making it one of its revenue limitations. Fortunately an effective enhancement is now in the works in the form of Energy Storage as storing solar power can be as viable as on-supply of solar PV.

Due to the potential of an increase in Electric vehicles ownership, there will be a need for the city to provide charging stations for the staff and customers in retail and complex buildings. However, with the rates of charging and multiplicity, demand for electric cars may be affected and therefore damaging potential sales and production.

Energy Storage can provide a buffer to demand levels and can again increase the sales of electrified vehicles by providing an off-peak power source.

All of these can be addressed when Robert Campbell of Vulcan Energy speaks on the issues and solutions for Electric vehicles and its charging dilemma at the Australian Energy Storage Conference & Exhibition on June at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney.

The Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition is said to be Australia’s main energy storage event and exhibition that mainly provides storage for energy solutions and utilities, energy businesses, and emerging electrified vehicles markets.

It combines everything, from industry conference, trade exhibition and workshop and is the only Australian networking event that is focused on reviewing and checking storage trends, providing solutions for current and future problems, and lets delegates ask questions from experts.

If the components are broken down, the industry conference will serve as the broad examination of the industry and discusses the topics ranging from storage of energy for communities, telecommunications companies, mining to a panel debate on the last day that reviews storage of energy as catalyst of change from centralised to decentralised power sources.

Then, the trade exhibition and workshop can provide the suppliers of the industry a trial market and to show their latest inventions. This can lead visitors to try new things and let them evaluate what are the latest trend in energy storing around the globe.

The benefits of attending the conference can extend to the utilities and networks of industry professionals as the conference addresses how to increase networks without the need to build more poles and connect more wires, as seen in case studies from Ergon Energy and Horizon Power. Connections can be powerful as it can lead to bigger networks that consists of people with the same interests and goals.

Furthermore, the Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition provides the venue for engaging networks in an informative manner. No matter how experience the delegate is, the same benefits will still apply as there is exposure to different points of views, ideas and future trends in the market.

Visit the Australian Energy Storage Conference which will be held at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney from June 3 to 4.





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