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Tessa’s passion for blogging, long-standing experience and perpetual desire for growth are touchstones that make her one of the best contributor and content marketer on a variety of websites around the world.

Has proved to be a seasoned blogger who delights in writing exceptional pieces on health and fitness, technology and renewable energy. Her experience and knowledge in these niches are intertwined and she uses it to add value to her global fan base.

EV Charging Station

The launch of a 45kW “car shade” installation in NSW coastal shire of Ballina off the southern part of Byron Bay in Australia also inaugurated the first solar-powered public electric vehicle (EV) charging station in the continent.

Set up at Knockrow tourist attraction of Macadamia Castle, the PV/EV charging station is known to be the first on the Pacific Highway. Moreover, on the Far North Coast, it is considered one of the biggest solar installations.

The 45kW solar system was built by Smart Commercial Solar and highlights 180 PV panels structured on a purpose-built car port. This solar installation will produce energy for half of Macadamia Castle and at the same time, power up electric-run vehicles of visitors.

Tony Gilding, owner of Macadamia Castle, initially thought of placing solar panels on the castle roofs, but the surrounding trees made it difficult to do so. As a substitute, Smart Commercial Solar suggested a solar car park [...]

Old electric car batteries
The auto and clean energy industries both have vested interests in finding effective ways of reusing old electric car batteries but have been unsuccessful until 2015.
Fuel cell electric vehicle
After BMW has implied and then withdrew its concept for a fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) during the 2015 North American International Auto Show, the German automaker has finally announced its plans for production by 2020.
Tesla Motors Inc., a leading manufacturer and seller of electric cars and their components, may have been busy with its Supercharger DC fast-charging stations’ openings but its battery swapping operations are coming to a standstill.
Electric Tire Concept
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tires and accessories, has released its innovative electric tire concept.
Electric Truck
The Vancouver International Auto Show is among the best venues to find innovative car designs and the 2015 show, which was held last March 24-29, 2015 was one of the best yet. Here, the Odyssey Battery Bigfoot No. 20 Monster Truck, which is considered as the world’s first electric truck, was introduced to the general public.
Battery-Powered Ferry
Ampere, a Norwegian battery-powered ferry, was awarded the prestigious recognition of “Ship of the Year” at the SMM trade show last September 2014.
Electric Plane Factory
An Electric Plane Factory will soon be constructed in France and is said to manufacture the E-Fan 2.0, a two-seater electric plane that may be available to the public in the next two and a half years.
Solar Powered Charging Station
After all limitations surrounding the electric vehicles, like coal-fired power plants to generate the electricity of electric cars, San Francisco has unveiled a solar powered charging station to counter critics and highlight that electric vehicles can create zero emissions and efficiently uses energy.
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