Solar Powered Charging Station

New Solar Powered Electric Charging Station Announced in San Francisco

After all limitations surrounding the electric vehicles, like coal-fired power plants to generate the electricity of electric cars

San Francisco has unveiled a solar powered charging station to counter critics and highlight that electric vehicles can create zero emissions and efficiently uses energy.

Charge Across Town, an organisation, has taken charge of securing a grant from the 11th Hour Project so they can provide three solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations, which includes Stonestown Galleria Mall, public parking lot at Embarcadero and Green Street, and City CarShare lot at 17th and Shotwell Streets. The electric may charge up to Level 2 for free, that can add about 10 miles per hour to the battery.

Each station contains a self-efficient area that does not need any local connections, drawing all the energy it needs from the Solar powered charging station panels.

The solar panels are the best materials to use as solar energy for energy conversion, states Envision Solar CEO Desmond Wheatley. Each of the stations will have a 3.3 kilowatts of electricity and also includes a lithium ion battery pack which can store up to 22.5 kilowatt-hours. The solar energy that has been generated by each station, can take about 100 electric car miles.

Furthermore, the arrays in the solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations can be allowed to follow the sun, maximising the collection of solar energy. A Ballast Traction Pad, a heavy plate that can be the base and parking spot for the electric car, is contained in each of the stations.

Installation is also very easy as it only involves setting the station up in a perfect spot and with the help of the Ballast Traction Pad, is able to withstand all the station down up to 120 miles per hour.

These stations are being sold by Envision Solar for a reasonable price of $45,000 but the government can easily knock out about 30 percent off the original price. Each station will be placed in their proper position in 2015.


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