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Tessa’s passion for blogging, long-standing experience and perpetual desire for growth are touchstones that make her one of the best contributor and content marketer on a variety of websites around the world.

Has proved to be a seasoned blogger who delights in writing exceptional pieces on health and fitness, technology and renewable energy. Her experience and knowledge in these niches are intertwined and she uses it to add value to her global fan base.

Electric Cars Sales
The article ‘Is Cheap Gas Pulling the Plug on Electric Cars?’ which has been published in Fortune Magazine last April 22 has narrowly missed the real future of mobility in the United States, even if gas prices have a short lived impact.
Energy Storage
Solar powered-vehicles need recharging, making it one of its revenue limitations. Fortunately an effective enhancement is now in the works in the form of Energy Storage as storing solar power can be as viable as on-supply of solar PV.
Electric Cars Free
Michigan residents who own electric and hybrid cars are celebrating after the requested annual Electric Cars Fee of $75 and hybrid car fee of $25, also known as Proposal 1, have been kicked right off the curb.
Electric Car Incentives
The Scandinavian nation of Norway has led the world in a per-capita sales of electric cars due to the government’s implementation of generous Electric Car Incentives since 2011.
Electric Vehicles
General Motors has stated that consumer demands of Electric vehicles has fallen short of their initial projections. They are unsure if this can lead to future problems with the public’s acceptance of electric cars.
Car Sharing Services
Montreal aims to be a leader within the region when it comes to electric transportation, as such the city will own a specific Montreal electric car sharing services app by 2016.
Charging Station
Manulife Financials Bloor Street campus have two electric-vehicle charging station ready to be introduced in order to power up a large number of green vehicles.
As everyone within the electric vehicle industry knows, battery costs are the biggest issue facing the wide scale adoption of electric vehicles as well as household solar systems the world over.
As it stands, electric cars on Ukrainian roads are spotted once in a blue moon, as electric vehicles cost 40% more that fuel based vehicles because of the high import duties on them.
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