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Rebuttal to Fortune’s Cheap Gas Might Affect Sales of Electric Cars

The article ‘Is Cheap Gas Pulling the Plug on Electric Cars?’ which has been published in Fortune Magazine last April 22 has narrowly missed the real future of mobility in the United States, even if gas prices have a short lived impact.

While it is important to see how the motor-driven cars sales have astoundingly increased, the past will tell us that Cheap Gas is never a security. The volatility and rapid changes in the world’s oil market will always affect the price of gasoline. The possibility of seeing the prices go up is more than likely and the only question everyone is waiting for is when or how soon.

On the other hand, electricity prices will always, if not often, remain the same as electricity is stable and can rely on local energy source. Owners of electric cars are safe from oil price hikes and have been enjoying reduced maintenance costs than that of the motor-powered types.

Once these advantages are seen through the enthusiasm of electric car owners, reduced gas prices will be something the clients will no longer consider. More so, if potential clients see how happy the electric car users are, then it is a guarantee that electric cars sales will increase in no time.

With the impending release of the second generations of electric cars and battery prices going reasonable by about 14 percent yearly, range and affordability can be added as another advantage. Also, American will now be faced with more options which are 24 types of electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid cars with several models.

Potential clients are aware that the price of gas will always return to its high state. It is fortunate to know that new trends and remarkable technologies can help mould the American mobile industry, letting the Americans experience true freedom from the risks of an unpredictable world oil market.

The recent alternative choices can put pressure on gas and oil demand from consumers which may create a competitive drive in the country, thus helping increase the electric cars sales for a very long time.




Photo Courtesy :  theenergycollective.com

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