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Sacramento Police To Use New Electric Motorcycles

The latest addition to the fleet of vehicles at Sacramento Police simply means safer and state-of-the-art machinery to maneuver with ease at large crowded events.

The new arrival features a set of four electric motorcycles sourced from the renowned Zero Motorcycle Company.  These will help Sacramento Police to easily move around big crowds without producing noise or the risk of someone getting burned when they touch the hot engine parts on the conventional police motorbike.

According to Adam Vassallo, the Traffic Sergeant at Sacramento Police, despite the fact that someone could dart in front of an officer because of the silent running motorcycle, its maneuverability is like that of an ordinary bicycle.

“On a bicycle, you can stop very quickly,” the Traffic Sergeant Vassallo states, “You can stop, you know, if somebody does jump in front of you real quick, very easy to quickly stop, and so the sound is a double-edged sword, but that’s probably one of our main concerns is that people really can’t hear us.”

Operating these new tools comes with several SPD perks:

At just $18,000, they’re less by around 10,000 with lower maintenance costs compared to the BMW bikes the officers use. What’s more, the motorcycles produce zero emissions and are charged at a center powered by solar panels.

IMAGE via Carl Wycoff

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