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The latest addition to the fleet of vehicles at Sacramento Police simply means safer and state-of-the-art machinery to maneuver with ease at large crowded events.

The new arrival features a set of four electric motorcycles sourced from the renowned Zero Motorcycle Company.  These will help Sacramento Police to easily move around big crowds without producing noise or the risk of someone getting burned when they touch the hot engine parts on the conventional police motorbike.

According to Adam Vassallo, the Traffic Sergeant at Sacramento Police, despite the fact that someone could dart in front of an officer because of the silent running motorcycle, its maneuverability is like that of an ordinary bicycle.

“On a bicycle, you can stop very quickly,” the Traffic Sergeant Vassallo states, “You can stop, you know, if somebody does jump in front of you real quick, very easy to quickly stop, and so the sound is a double-edged sword, but that’s [...]

Zero Electric Motorcycles Aggressively Increases 2015 Production

It has never been this busy at the manufacturing facility of Zero Motorcycles in Scotts-Valley. This electric motorcycle manufacturer is currently increasing its production big time.

The company is hiring more workers and has been sprucing up its manufacturing processes in the last couple of months – all in anticipation of increase in demand from its dealers and customers.

With the upcoming release of its 2015 models, Zero Motorcycles is readying itself for the expected rise in demand. These current Zero electric motorcycles are being completed coinciding with the recent plant refurbishments that the company has undertaken.

“A call to Hollywood Electrics, its top US dealership, confirms that this year’s pre-orders are up and, indeed, that it recently announced a deal with the Burbank Police Department to supply that agency with some new patrol models from Zero,” explains a blog entry in Autoblog Green.

“Of course, the company has an international reach and it also [...]

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