The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive is a small compact car with very good fuel economy ratings

Are You Ready for the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive ?

Ready, electric car fanatics! Here comes the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive.

A small compact car with very good fuel economy ratings and much improved features…these are the attractive and tempting highlights of the latest electric car from Smart.

This redesigned electric version will be coming out by the end of 2016, but Smart’s General Manager, Mark Webster, announced that the gas version of the Smart Fortwo car will go on sale late summer 2015, then the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive will follow a year later, so that might be around late 2016 or early 2017, probably making them 2017 models; which would mean both models will be for sale at the same time.

According to Webster, “Even with gas prices the lowest in four or five years, the EV sales throughout the year were very consistent. Some people were buying them because they like electric vehicles and they like a smart car.”

These days it isn’t just about cost savings.

He believes a good motive for buying an electric car is because of the savings it gives consumer. There is a lot less spending on fuel.

From the survey done by Smart on buyers of electric vehicles, they said that if they were given the choice, they would buy an electric car all over again. It’s not just about being cost effective, it is also because they enjoy driving one.

Smart is focusing its attention

and making sure potential buyers are enticed as well – with their showroom in the Detroit Auto Show showcasing their current generation electric car. Smart will be debuting their 2016 Smart Fortwo, gasoline version, this coming April in the New York Auto Show.

Smart CEO Annette Winkler said the later date of the Smart Fortwo launch in the United States is because of the fine tuning and testing being done, ensuring that the all new dual clutch automatic transmission would come out perfect. In the meantime, although the 2017 Electric Drive is still far off 2017 for its launch, downplaying is definitely not in the works, especially during the announcement.

No answers were given when asked about what’s to be expected in the next Electric Drive, both Webster and Winkler instead said that there is no other car manufacturer out that can say that a fourth generation of electric car is on the works. This is also probably accurate, as there is no car manufacturer that is currently working or coming up with a fourth line up. The Electric Drive is the fourth separate iteration of Smart’s Fortwo with a great electric powertrain.

More importantly, there are new features that one would expect in terms of advancement to the qualities as well as numbers that electric car enthusiasts are hoping to find and obtain. Let’s just say that for those who are looking out for the Smart Fortwo electric car, there is no doubt about it… you will not be disappointed.  Both the US version and the 2017 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive will be something to anticipate.


Photo Credit : Google Image

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