Tesla vs. BMW i8 for NSW Police investment

Comparing Top Speed, Acceleration & Cost of BMW i8 Against a Tesla

I just love getting up close to luxury cars! Spinning them can be a mix of pure excitement and tough life. The BMW i8 and Tesla Model S are simply futuristic and a real game changer for the high-powered fleet. Both boast rechargeable battery packs, and come loaded with six figure price tags. They are also manufactured by the world’s technology intensive, forward looking brands.

Beyond these factors, the all-plugin lavish sedan and hybrid sport coupe are significantly different. One can hold a pair of passengers and some luggage, while the other carries up to seven people including two aged 10 or younger.

So when it comes to speed, acceleration and cost, which one is right for you?




Comparing BMW i8 and Tesla’s Model S


Tesla Model S is the future, and probably the best electric car in the world. Gliding down the lane in a Tesla naturally comes with complete impunity, since quite frankly; it’s the world’s fastest car.

I guess that isn’t news to any savvy folk connected to a working internet, because the new Model S has surprisingly become the charm of YouTube virality. Try searching for ‘P85D drag race’ and what pops up is virtually Tesla’s McLarens, Lamborghinis and the GT-R, Nissan’s drag-race king.

The Model S has an alarming and simply pulverising acceleration thanks to its ‘P85D’ moniker. The ‘85’ is symbolic of the car’s 85kWh battery capacity, making it the M5 among the 5-Series, if you may like.

The ‘D’ represents dual-motor, and is the most subtle element of the 2, 100kg, 5 or 7-seater saloon rocketsled’s performance. The ‘D’ also puts a 218bhp motor to the model’s front axle.

Tesla’s instantaneous top speed, rather than its quantity is what rips up your intestines and holds back your eyelids. As a matter of fact, acceleration here sounds like an understatement. Acceleration or speeding means gaining momentum, however with the P85D you trundle one moment and skyrocket the next.

So how’s Model S for a g-force exquisite recipe—682bhp, all-wheel drive, and 695lb ft. Of course, besides his innovative Lithium-ion storage battery technology, Tesla’s founder Sir. Elon Musk will definitely be adding a tinge of philanthropic power to his fans lifestyles with the Model S.

Alongside Tesla’s Model S is the mind-boggling i8; the BMW’s record achievement to date. This is the first ever EV (and sub: £700k hybrid) to be invited to Speed Week, and obviously they are not coming to offset carbon footprints, or pacify the noise limit.

As we tumble into i8’s comfy hammock-low seat, it feels sedate, and even vulgar, as its fossil fuel motor strums into power right in the middle distance. But we don’t want to upset Europe’s best sports car by underestimating i8’s fire, because truly, it rises to the occasion when on track. But, just try not to be greedy with its turn-in speed.

When it comes to cost, the Tesla Model S asking price is $75,000 for the ‘70D’ model, although you can cough as much as $130, 000 for a P100D high performance version that comes with more. On the other hand, the BMW i8 prices start at $140,000 and can sometimes shoot to more than $150,000 with options. Both are eligible for various federal income tax credits as well as other local, state and corporate incentives.

All in all, while the BMW i8 is designed to be more striking, Tesla’s Model S rocks! It’s quieter, smoother and more capacious, and in some way more impressive. In short, each car will get you noticed, but Tesla’s Model S takes the prize for the most practical electric car the world has ever seen.

Recently, the New South Wales police force have recruited a new member to their fleet- the BMW i8, a surprising choice given it’s impracticality and high price.

Superintendent Brad Hodder said the car will be used purely for community engagement and “as a talking point” rather than crime-fighting activities.

“It provides a tool to break down barriers between police and the community. It enables the community to come up and start talking about the car. That conversation then leads to them opening up and they find out that we’re not such bad people after all,” Hodder said.

While it is an impressive vehicle, it seems strange the police force have chosen the i8 over the Tesla, which could potentially be use for pursuits as well as community engagement- not to mention it’s environmentally friendly.

However, the deal is part of a commercial arrangement between the BMW Sydney dealership and the Rose Bay Chamber of Commerce, with Hodder stressing that no tax payer money is being spent on the i8.

IMAGE via Drive

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