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Meet The Solar-Charged Scooter, The Beast D

The Beast D is an off-road eBike that is charged with inbuilt solar panels, and has additional features of an ATV.

An eBike is a bicycle that has an integrated electric motor which can be used for propulsion, however they still have the means to be pedaled by the rider which makes them differ from a motorcycle.

This solar-charged scooter has been created by Daymak Inc., and they describe it as “tough, sturdy, built to take it, perfect for off-road use but completely street legal,”.

Features of the solar-charged scooter

It has two DC brush-less motors of 500W, as well as 60V 20AH lithium-ion energy storage that are good for 800 cycles.

The battery pack is made up of Samsung 2200mAH 18mm by 65mm cells,  a form factor which is also used in Telsa vehicles.

It takes four to six hours for the solar-charged scooter to be charged by electricity, or it can be charged via the 15W solar panels installed, which charge the battery pack continuously.

According to Daymak, the solar battery pack is removable and fully enclosed, and ambient light charging for eight hours can deliver 10km of travel.

The solar battery can also be used as a backup power pack for electronic devies that is stand alone, and it includes two USB ports.

Depending on the type of terrain and speed, the Beast D has a range of around 30km on a fully charged battery.

The solar-charged scooter can reach a maximum speed of 50km/h, and can withstand a 36 degree incline slope.

If the battery goes flat whilst you’re out riding, don’t stress; you can just use the pedals.

However, the bike weighs 118kg, so it’s best to make sure it doesn’t run out while you’re going up a hill.

The scooter hasn’t been made for the pedals to be solely used; they are really just there to allow it to be classified as a bike, and to increase the range by pedaling with the motor.

Looking to purchase The Beast D?

In the U.S., the Beast D can be bought for $4,299, which with current exchange rates is a bit over AUD $6,000, not including shipping.

There are also other versions of The Beast produced by Daymak that are street legal in the U.S., such as the Standard, Ultimate and Deluxe.

These versions are able to be rode on publicly used roads in some areas of the USA, with no need for registration or a license.

However, most Australian states have a power output limit of 200-250 watts for eBike motors, depending on whether the pedal assist system activates the motor.

Motor powered eBikes are limited to a maximum speed of 25km/h, as anything faster than this must be labelled a motorbike, which need insurance, licensing and registration.

Apart from the Standard EU version, all of the Beast models exceed this limit, as their motors sit as 500 watts.

Photo courtesy of Squashimono


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