Tesla Model S ranked against Mercedes-Benz S550

Electric Vehicle Tesla Model S Performance Ranked Against 4.6L V8-Powered Mercedes-Benz S550

The Tesla Model S was always a vehicle ridiculed by many critics, particularly lovers of traditional diesel-pumping muscle cars. There never was much love an electric vehicle in the US or even in the UK but the Tesla Model S has stuck through the test of time and is now of the best vehicles in the market.

To put that statement to the test the vehicle was recently pitted against the diesel-running Mercedes-Benz S550. Both vehicles have similar specs except for the fact that one runs on electricity and the latter runs on fuel.

The Tesla Model S has an electric engine that cranks out 416 horsepower and 443 lbs-ft of torque. The Mercedes-Benz S550 uses a 4.6L V8 engine that gives out 455 horsepower and 516 lbs-ft of torque. Both cost just above $90,000 and are both heavy sedans.

It was with the performance tests that showed how the cars differ.

In the initial 0-60MPH test, the S550 hit the 60MPH mark at 4.7 seconds while the Model S hit it at 3.9 seconds, making it more of a sports car than a simple sedan. The S550 hit a quarter of a mile in 13.3 seconds at a speed of 107.4MPH. The Model hit the same distance in 12.5 seconds and at 108.4MPH

Breaking speeds were also similar but once again the advantage goes to the Model S. The S550 passed the 60-0MPH braking test at 108 feet to a complete stop while the Model S did the same at just 102 feet, making it the superior vehicle in terms of braking power.

At the average figure-8 driving test, the Mercedes-Benz finished the track in 25.2 seconds while the Tesla Model S finished the track in 24.8 seconds.

What these tests prove is that the Tesla Model S performs slightly better than even the most renowned diesel cars in the industry today. What is even more astounding is how well efficient it is with its electric system: there are free Tesla charging stations all over the country. Just drive up and hook the car in.

Tesla also includes a large computer screen in the dashboard of the car. This touch-panel monitor shows a detailed map which also shows all of the nearby charging stations a person has previously visited and it also wirelessly updates for free, for the entirety of the car’s lifespan.

The exteriors of the Tesla Model S are really where it shines. It looks like an expensive car and it looks like a high-tech vehicle that carries technologies no other car in the industry can boast of. Inside however, the car is a little plain except for the very eloquent touch of technologies like the touch-panel.

On the flip side of this is the Mercedes-Bens S550. This car has a luxury-looking exterior but it doesn’t exactly say much about the car. It looks like an expensive car but it doesn’t have the same “wow factor” that the Tesla Model S does.

Inside, the S550 easily trumps the interior design of the Model S. Everything from the LED lights to the high-end luxury seats the S550 sports an interior design that can easily trump any luxury vehicle in the market and it even gives the Rolls-Royce a run for its money.

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