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Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Tesla’s Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk certainly knows how to make life more fun for many. For one thing, this author has made some money as a shareholder of Tesla. Secondly, the founder always knows how to give writers like ourselves ideas and topics on what to write about.

In the previous year, Musk made a common about electric vehicles running on hydrogen fuel cells. He referred to them as a total BS saying they were nothing but marketing ploys created by the automakers themselves.

On the other hand, Toyota is moving forward at a steady pace with its very first hydrogen fuel cell which it named Mirai. You can buy it in Japan early this year but if you live in the US you would have to wait until summer.

So the question is, was Musk wrong? He said fuel cells were BS and that the automakers themselves do not believe in the technology. [...]

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