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Now Hyundai Motor Company joins the green technology as it pushes its very first battery-powered electric car. This is set to be released on 2016. Hyundai, as it is known to be South Korea’s champion in fuel-cell cars comes up with its own creation of its electric car, geared to meet the green technology of the world.

As Hyundai is currently being geared at releasing fuel-cell cars, wherein the car’s engine turns hydrogen to electricity, this new addition of the battery-powered electric car is not really something new as its sister company, Kia, had already released a couple of EVs. This is in compliance to strict emission regulations set especially in the United States. With Kia, Hyundai’s development partner, focuses on releasing cars that allow the batteries to be recharged.

At the same time, more and more car manufacturers are joining in the move to green technology. BMW has is electric car released with i3. [...]

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