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Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles
Combining incentive programs with regulations, the Federal government is pushing forward with its intent on lowering vehicle emissions on United States roads.
Average Lifetime Costs of EV’s Are Within 10% Of Gas Run Vehicles

The hefty price tag (electric car cost) when first purchasing an electric vehicle are one of the reasons such cars lose their glossiness and attractiveness within the market.

Such reasons have been proved otherwise by a releases study (by Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) which has compared the prices of the Nissan Leaf (NASDAQ: NSANY) as well as the Chevy Volt (2013 model) against comparable gas run vehicles in the market at that time.

The results are great for those wishing to live greener, as the two plug-ins were within 10% of gas run vehicles, both gas and hybrids. Because the gasoline prices are not stable, it’s one of the factors that could alter and effect this balance, though state and federal incentives as well as capital costs of the cars are even more imperative to take into account. Driving and maintenance also played a role in the findings.

In order to take into account [...]

electric utilities

In the US, the use of energy is divided into 2 categories: the use of energy through electricity used in homes, in businesses, in industries. The second use of energy would be for vehicles where the original source of power is taken from fuel: gasoline and diesel.

More than $1 billion is spent on energy uses by American consumers on a daily basis. In the past, electric utilities did not really focus its effort in the transportation industry. These days though, it is a different story, with the latest technology of auto manufacturers building electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

There is possible revenue to be taken from the transportation energy market. Based on a report made by the United Nations, it shows that vehicle sales for Electric Vehicles could see an increase of a hundred percent within fifteen years. The development of a greener country where people see the potential of using electric vehicles [...]

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