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Tesla Model S
Electric cars are touted to save car owners a lot of savings in fuel and therefore money. This is now proven by a real example of a Tesla Model S owner.
Electric Car Purchase Rebates
In the third week of March, the Province of British Columbia declared that it is reviving its Clean Energy Vehicle (CEV) incentive program.
UK oil imports
Like most countries suffering from the adverse effects of climate change, coupled with increasing fuel prices, the United Kingdom is aching for solutions. A recent study shows that the country can solve these two major problems by using more electric cars.
Volkswagen Plug-in Cars
The success of Volkswagen in making electric cars is phenomenal. It just began producing EVs in late 2013, and yet, it now sells four various electric and plug-in hybrid models in different markets around the world. Audi, its sister company also offers three models.
Big international automakers are pushing to create a new generation of mass-market electric cars that more than double their driving range.
Plug-in Electric Car
The common notion is that the car market will not be ready to adopt electric cars if their prices will not be more attractive than the present costs of cars run by conventional internal combustion engines.
Electric Car Market
Recent developments indicate that a Brisbane company is about to become one of the biggest suppliers of high voltage car chargers in the United States. This is despite the fact that the electric car market in this country is still in its infant stage.
Used Electric Cars
It is evident that the value of used electric cars and alternative energy vehicles are closing in on that of the traditional diesel-engine vehicles. According to claims by Glass, a car data provider, this is turning out to be the norm after the used-car market are becoming more in tune with the technology.
car makers
Car makers in Germany are now taking away their attention on low-priced city vehicles. Instead, they are focused on manufacturing high-end electric vehicles
Consumer Tax Break
Currently, there are plans by Georgia State lawmakers to improve their hardly-financed transportation system. The State House has just passed bill HB 170, which will raise some $700 million to augment the $1 billion yearly financial requirement for the improvement of the state’s existing roads and highways.
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