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China Electric Cars
Many predict a more lively Chinese electric carmarket with the participation of California-based EV manufacturer Tesla Motors and its efficient electric cars.
Electric Car Race
Numerous Formula Racing enthusiasts were on hand last Saturday to witness the very first Formula E electric car race in the country, which was held along the Bayfront of downtown Miami.
Government Ministers
The government ministers of Australia will have a chance to experience what it’s like to drive, or more likely, to be driven in electric cars as soon as their flashy traditional cars are replaced by alternative energy-powered version any time soon.
Many industry experts were taken aback by Uber’s move to use EVs from electric car manufacturer BYD as leased taxis within the area of Chicago. The deal was signed by both parties, to finalize the deal.
Electric Vehicle Market
A recent research study revealed that if the United Kingdom focuses its attention to the improvement of the electric vehicle market by pouring in more investments to EV infrastructure, the oil imports of the country might experience a cut by as much as 40 percent by 2030.
Electric vehicles
It is a must that standards must be followed in order to attain technical progress. It must also be set for a consistent usage of renewable energy.
Eco-friendly electric cars
Streets in Dubai are rarely with plug in cars, but in the near future, more of them will ply the roads. This is bound to happen as soon as the electric car charging stations will be launched at a number of offices of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority.
Electric Vehicles
Bjorn Lomborg’s op-ed in USA Today threw strong words against electric vehicles, stating that they are detrimental to the planet. However, it was clear that the data that he presented were unreal. Worse is that the premier newspaper didn’t notice the deficiencies in his reports.
Lighter Batteries
Battery electric vehicles always lag behind cars powered by internal combustion engines as far as popularity is concerned.
BC Scrap-It Plans
Consumers residing in British Columbia who want to purchase an electric car will now have an easy time doing so. They will have the opportunity to buy low-prices ones.
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