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Lighter Batteries
Battery electric vehicles always lag behind cars powered by internal combustion engines as far as popularity is concerned.
BC Scrap-It Plans
Consumers residing in British Columbia who want to purchase an electric car will now have an easy time doing so. They will have the opportunity to buy low-prices ones.
Hydride Batteries
Distinctions have been clearly set when it comes to the use of nickel-metal-hydride batteries. They will now be utilized exclusively for plug-in hybrid vehicles, at least those that are made by Toyota.
Electric Plug-in Cars
In spite of the government’s aggressiveness in promoting electric plug-in cars for many years, it is only now that they are seeing good results from their efforts. One of them is the increase in Chinese buyers.
renewable energy
Nissan, one of the world’s top electric vehicle makers, signed a deal with utility corporation Endesa that in effect will allow users of EV to sell excess renewable energy batteries to the electric grid.
Renault Twizy Electric Vehicle
Many people want confirmation of the news about Renault’s plans to bring the Twizy car to North America. The car was shipped by Renault to Canada
The Geneva Motors Show was the perfect venue for plug-in cars to display with pride their many exciting features and capabilities, especially the diesel-electric plug-in hybrid.
Tesla Model S
A 5-year old boy managed to climb inside a Tesla plug-in at an electric car display inside Tongzhou Wanda Plaza Mall, a popular Chinese shopping centre, according to the People’s Daily.
eGolf is the latest Volkswagen electric vehicle to join the market. It is a neighbourhood scooter designed using the electric vehicle concept that the Nissan LEAF uniquely defined.
For a number of weeks, rumours of Apple involved in an electric car project have been persistent. They were bolstered by reports claiming that such rumours are true and these came from respected publications such as the Wall Street Journal.
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