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DC Fast Charging Stations Not Quite a Good Investment
Electric cars have become a big hit. Consumers are simply becoming more conscious of the environment.
The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive is a small compact car with very good fuel economy ratings
Ready, electric car fanatics! Here comes the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive. A small compact car with very good fuel economy ratings and much improved features…these are the attractive and tempting highlights of the latest electric car from Smart.
Traction motors has a huge impact in the electric vehicles industry
The electric vehicle industry is definitely looking up. $500 billion in 2025, over $25 billion of traction motors...these are just a few of the numbers that you get to hear about and see on several reports these days.
Is the Chevrolet’s Volt The Answer to Hybrid Synergy Drive
As Chevrolet joins the rising electric motor vehicles industry, it announced plans to create the 2016 Chevrolet Volt. Showing its reputation of bringing excellent products, the Chevrolet Volt runs at 50 miles, the longest running range among hybrid cars that are currently out in the market.
Partnership Between A Great Electric Motorcycle Brand and A Giant Powersports Company
Brammo is a known American electric vehicle company. It is based in Oregon and has now been purchased by Polaris.
Heating the Competition for Fast Charging Stations for Electric Cars
Look everywhere and you will see that more and more car manufacturing companies are coming up with their own model of electric cars. At the same time, while there is good competition going for these car manufacturers, there is also a time when these competing car brands consider partnering to come up with an alliance that would not only benefit their consumers but for them too.
A Gogoro Electric Scooter : The Smart Way to Travel
If you think you have seen everything that is outrageous, then you have not seen the Gogoro electric scooter. For starters, this isn’t your regular electric vehicle.
Electric Vehicle Batteries Gets A Better Option
There are so many electric vehicles that are out in the market these days and as more and more car manufacturing companies are creating their own model for e-vehicles, this industry would definitely continue to grow.
Cheap Gas Won’t Be Able to Kill the Electric Car
The overall sales of electric cars in the United States dramatically increased from 2010 to 2014. From virtually nothing, it is now selling over 120,000 units per year. Even then, non-believers continue to resist.
BMW has recently unveiled its electric plugin hybrid, the BMW – i8.
A new breed of luxury sports cars is capturing the interest of the discriminating crowd. BMW has recently unveiled its electric plugin hybrid, the BMW – i8.
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