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New Small Players Threaten the Giants of the Car Industry

Before Henry Ford’s mass production of cars, only the rich were able to afford automobiles. But as soon as the Model T cars were introduced, they were brought closer to the masses. Immediately, cars made a great impact to the transport vehicle market, with horses that were made to pull carriages finally given their well-deserved rest.

These days, the digital tech creates a similar impact, having a major effect on the newspaper, music, and most other media aspects. Having a greater influence is the smartphone, which gives users the chance to use their preferred apps and become e-connected, for instance.

Many people consider the car as the bigger brother mobile version.  “Cars already contain so much more digital content, much of the value of the car and the cost of developing a car is related to the digital technology in some way or another. When it comes to lowering fuel consumption or new safety features [...]

Tesla Model X
The Tesla Model X may take a while before it hits the roads but the world can have a glimpse on what it can offer.

Most car industry insiders know that this car will share a platform with Tesla’s current Model S sedan. It will also be fitted with roof-hinged falcon doors which will give it a virile and robust look.

But most car enthusiasts won’t suspect that the Tesla Model X has a secret, and a good one at that: the car is equipped with enough power that it can tow another vehicle.

This battery electric vehicle will be available with a factory-installed hitch. It is going to be the first time this is done for a car in this class. Most other electric cars are offered aftermarket hitch kits.

When Tesla Motors informed car reservation holders listed on the Tesla Motors Club forum (through Clean Technica) about the car model’s production delay, the [...]

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