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Coronavirus COVID19 Impacts The Production Of Electric Vehicles
The coronavirus COVID19 outbreak in China is relied upon to affect the automobile business in the United States. That is as indicated by another investigation from the Lansing-based Anderson Economic Group.
Electric Cars
So most Americans will agree that billions of dollars are needed to spruce up the country’s roads, which is a shame really due to the fact that the Highway Trust Fund doesn’t have that kind of money on hand.
Electric Cars
All electric cars, even those in the entry-level, no matter what brand, are capable of meeting 85% of driving needs says scientists in the US Department of Energy.
Shenzhen Limits Car Registrations Even as China Extends Electric-Car Incentives
The uncontrolled air pollution in China forces its national government and municipal authorities to put a stop on gasoline car registrations for now. China is aggressively enacting measures that will encourage the adoption of green cars by its citizens.
Orlando’s tourists will actually be able to experience the thrill of driving an EV

We have all heard about the functioning and amazing mechanics regarding electric cars, though for most people these cars still seem too futuristic for everyday use when compared to normal gasoline run vehicles. This lack of cognizance concerning electric cars, coupled with the hefty price tag, are two of the most important reasons as to why adoption of EV’s are slow to gain momentum.

Electric cars drive as normal cars do, the only (and major) difference is the fact that they are powered by electrons. These cars are immensely pleasant to drive around in, but such experiences are not experienced by the vast majority of people.

Orlando (for the reasons stated above) has decided to bring together more than thirty hotels, car rental companies, its convention centre, travel agencies and three of the major theme parks found in the city, namely, Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Studios, in order to build the infrastructure needed so [...]


China has a very ambitious plan to reduce air pollution however its aim to adopt 5 million electric cars has posed a problem –charging stations, or to be more precise, the lack of it.

Shanghai resident Eddy Wu purchased a hybrid car because it was subsidized by the Chinese government and also because it’s eco-friendly and did not require license plates. But still, he uses gasoline because there are no charging stations, hence the waste of its electric capabilities.

The apartment complex where he lives as well as the office where he works do not allow him to charge his car in the parking lots because he was told it could be a fire risk. To be able to use a charging station he has to drive 5 kilometres and pay cash.

While the shortage of electric cars charging station is discouraging people from buying these vehicles everywhere in the world, the problem is particularly [...]

Electric Cars

A recent survey revealed that a majority of New Zealanders, about 85%, would choose to buy electric cars if their prices are equal to cars run by petrol.

The results of the Pulse Survey entitled “Energy for Life” strongly indicated that the citizens of New Zealand are ready to fully embrace electric vehicles.

Most of the survey respondents said that if the electric cars are made available at reasonable prices, the uptake in the country could be the same as what would happen across the planet, which is expected to be very high.

The results of the survey may take vehicle manufacturers by surprise since only around 15% of the respondents said they will stick with petrol cars, even if electric vehicles are equally priced.

This result is quite interesting considering that most New Zealanders are unaware that the cost of electricity used for transportation is lower than that of petrol. About 64% of the [...]

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